End Sexual Violence on Your College Campus
The Dru Award supports the campus activism of young women and men enrolled in higher education and invites students to submit project proposals that 1). help to prevent and eradicate gender-based violence on their campus and in their surrounding community, 2). improve their campus sexual assault reporting policies. The Award recognizes proposals with the most creative and well-planned campaigns and each winner will be given an opportunity to implement their campaign on their respective campus.
Award winners will be able to share their progress and results online with other campus activists around the country. Each idea will be available online through the Dru Campaign Activism Tool Kit so that campus leaders can build on one another's successes.
The Dru Campaign and FAIR Fund believe that it is crucial that the voices and ideas of young men and women who wish to help prevent violence against their peers be heard and implemented. The Dru Campaign scholarship winners will contribute to preventing gender-based violence or assisting survivors.
Who: Any individual enrolled in a U.S. college or university.  We strongly encourage students from all backgrounds to apply.

What: $1000 scholarship to create and implement a program initiative that will aim to raise awareness and/or prevent sexual violence at your university or campus.

When: Apply online by Friday, October 19th. Winners will be announced on November 15th. 

Why: 1 in 4 women will experience an attempted or completed sexual assault during their college stay (Department of Justice).DRU%20AWARD%20APPLICATION%20.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
Apply for the Dru Award and win up to $1000 to create an initiative to eradicate gender-based violence on your campus!