The Dru Campaign is a program of FAIR Fund, Inc.
Following our receipt of your full application, FAIR Fund will contact you for a phone interview.  The final application step will be contacting your faculty references and advisor for a character reference.  Thank you!!
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Please return this application to FAIR Fund and the Dru Campaign by emailing it and attachments to
1. Full Name:
2. Address (street, city, state, zipcode):
3. Phone Number (number we can most likely reach you at):
4. Email address:
5. College/University Name:
6. Area of Study:
7. Classification:
8. Anticipated Graduation Date:
9. Faculty Advisor:
10. Two Faculty References (name, email, phone number):
11. What is your idea for this project? In less than two pages, please state how it will effectively help reduce sexual assault or partner violence in your community or on your campus. Please include answers to why you chose this particular idea, how you will work with other groups or individuals working on similar issues on your campus, how many students you think your idea, if implemented will help, and a specific timeline of activities you will undertake to achieve your goal and complete your project.  Please attach this as a separate application document.
12. Budget:  Please attach in a separate excel sheet a list of anticipated costs for your project. If you are not sure about costs, someone at the FAIR Fund Dru Campaign team will be happy to talk to you about developing and implementing a budget.
           DRU AWARD